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Former Driving License Authority Inspector,
Over 40 Years of Experience As Instructor. All types of Motorcycle Licenses, Special Discounts for Soldiers and Students.

Green Form & Tests

Get information about how to get green form and other forms.


Exempted From Theory

Are you exempted from theory or no? Get more information.


Control Test

Have license over 3 years? You are exempted from test, but only control test.

About Haim Motocycle School

Haim Motorcycle School is one of the oldest schools in Isreal for learning all types of motorcycle licenses. The school was established by Haim Deri more than 40 years ago. With years we have helped thousands of students to pass their motorcycle license successfully. With the experience of decades, we didn’t let our methods and techniques get older. At Haim School, we have the latest technology and methods to teach all types of Motorcycle licenses.

Haim Deri, have experience of driving instructor for more than 40 years. He has served as a driving test inspector. Experience with years and as a test inspector makes him unique in Israel. His recommendation rate is over 99% in all these years.

Why Haim Motorcycle School?

Over 40 Years

of experience, with thousands of successful students.

Former Inspector

Served as former driving test inspector in License Authority.

Success is Key

1000s of students have successfully passed motorcycle license.

+99% Recommendation

Over 99% students recommend us because of learning methods.

What our students say ...