Class A2 License – Motorcycle License A2

Class license A2 for a motorcycle license is valid up to 125cc motorcycles. Nowadays, traffic is very high on roads, especially during busy hours, it is very difficult to reach from one point to another. Everyone dreams to get anywhere quickly without hassles of stopping in traffic or finding parking space. This dream might come to reality with a motorcycle license.

Haim Motorcycle school helps you to get a motorcycle license A2 class very quickly. Our teacher Haim Deri have experience of over 40 years and he has served as a former Inspector for the licensing department. With his experience and quick learning methods, he will help you to get a license quickly and successfully.

How do I get the A2 Motorcycle license issued?

We have a complete article on how you can get your A2 license issued, click here to know what steps you need to do to get A2 license or continue exploring more information on this page.

What are the tests to pass for the class A2 license?

Motorcycle license A2 class needs you to pass the theoretical test (usually known as theory test) and a practical test.

What are age limits for Motorcycle License A2 Class?

Minimum age restrictions are different for different tests. The minimum age for the theoretical test (theory test) is 15.5 and the minimum age for the practical test is 16.

How many lessons do you need for License Class A2?

A number of lessons depending on how quickly a student can learn. But a minimum number of the lesson is 10.

What are the restrictions for Age under 18?

If you get a license for a motorcycle class A2 and you are under the age of 18, you may not be allowed to assemble another passenger.

Are there other restrictions after I get a class A2 license?

Yes, after you get motorcycle license class A2, in the first two months no additional passenger is allowed to assemble on the bike.

I have a valid driver’s license private vehicles (Class B) for 3 years, What advantage I gain?

If you already have a valid driver’s license private vehicles (Class B), you will receive a license A2 scooter capacity of up to 125cc after only a control test. You will not have to pass a theory test or road test to get a scooter license 125cc and you get a license after taking a few lessons. There are no compulsory classes for practical scooter license studies, those who have a driver’s license for 3 years or more, and the number varies from student to student (and student to student), depending on the pace of each individual’s progress. If you have a private driver’s license, even one day, you are exempt from theory! If you do not have a driver’s license, you can take a theory test starting at age 15 and a half.

Do I need consent from parents?

The practical test, the scooter test, which is conducted on the school and on the road, can be done from the age of 16 (but up to the age of 17 you will need the consent of one of the parents).

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