How Do I get A2 Motorcycle License Issued?

When you are going to get a class A2 motorcycle license, you always have one question in mind, how do I get a class A2 motorcycle license? In this article, we will help you to understand the basic steps you need to achieve a successful motorcycle license.

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Let’s start knowing about the steps you need for a motorcycle license.

Step 1: Fill up the green form

A green form is an application for a driver’s license issue. You will need to fill this form with all the required fields. How to get green form? Click here.

Step 2: Eye Examination

You need to have an eye examination with an optician or ophthalmologist and get signatures on the form.

Step 3: Health Statement From Doctor

In this step, you will need to receive a signed health statement from a family doctor on the green form.

Step 4: Appointment for Theory Test

After the first three steps, its time to make an appointment with the Timing portal for theory tests. Make an appointment with your comfortable dates and times.

Step 5: Pay Fee

A 63 shekel fee is to be paid to one of the examination branches or you can pay online at

Step 6: Going for Theory Test

You need to prepare documents before you go for the theory test. These documents include completely filled green form (signed with an eye doctor and your family doctor), your passport or ID, slip regarding your payment to the examination department, if you are under 17 years old, you must bring a signed and certified parental approval from the licensing office or certified by an attorney.

Do you have any questions? Something you want to know about, visit the motorcycle license A2 class information page or contact directly to Haim Motorcycle School.

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לחיים דרעי, ניסיון של למעלה מ- 40 שנה כמורה לנהיגה. הוא שימש כמפקח למבחני הנהיגה. ניסיון של שנים ופיקוח על טסטים הופכים אותו למיוחד בישראל. שיעור ההמלצות שלו הוא מעל 99% בכל השנים הללו.

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